Our Products

At Mama Millers, we understand that high-quality ingredients create the tastiest and most delicious meals. Proudly 100% Kenyan, we strive to consistently produce exceptional products our customers can continue to enjoy. Through careful sourcing and processing, we make sure that our flagship product gives you the same result, every time. That’s a difference you can taste and a product you can rely on.

Currently, we offer maize meal and wheat flour in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg packaging, respectively. We are currently in the process of expanding our product portfolio by bringing you more quality products for your tasty meals. We continue to offer only the bes,t resonant with the Mama Millers brand essence.



The Process

We understand that not all flour is created equal. The best cooking starts all the way back in the crop fields, sourcing only the finest ingredients to produce premium quality maize meal & wheat flour locally.

We take pride in working closely with local Kenyan growers, ensuring we get the best from their farms possible to maintain the great flavour our product is known for. Using only the latest innovative technology to process our products; from cleaning and separating, to sieving and grading we ensure the highest sanitation standards are always met. Our products are chemical and bleach-free, resulting in a completely natural product, fit for the whole family to enjoy.